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Man Hasn’t Eaten…For 70 Years

Man Hasn’t Eaten…For 70 Years. I know the feeling.

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In Japan new technology to grow hair in SECONDS!!!

In Japan new technology to grow hair in SECONDS!!!

5 Coolest Inventions for Future Technology and Life

Subscribe now – New videos everyday. These smart awesome inventions will blow your mind. Welcome to RAW FOOTAGE, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top five awesome inventions you must have.

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Top 3 Nano Technology

Top 3 Nano Technology

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10 Strange Mysteries Caught on Tape

It’s unbelievable that these insane mysterious creatures and people stories were actually captured in photos and some on video! wow! 5. Lars Mittank This unresolved mystery was completely caught on tape and it’s still a true mystery what actually happened to Lars Mittank. In 2014, Lars visited Bulgaria with a group of his friends and …Read more »