Most Dangerous Tourist Spots You DON’T Want to Visit

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Here are the most dangerous places tourists should never visit. These 10 popular places & spots for tourists are extremely treacherous destinations!

10: Jacob’s Well
This dazzling natural swimming spot attracts thrill seeking swimmers looking to take a dive into its bottomless black hole. Located in Wimberley,Texas, Jacob’s Well is an artesian spring that enchants visitors with its intricate system of underwater caves and limestone cliffs. Its cave descends downwards, reaching an average depth of 120 feet. For many adventure-seeking outsiders, the cool, clean, and clear waters of Jacob’s Well offers relief from the hot Texan sun…but it comes at a price. Considered one of the most dangerous diving spots in the world, the depths of the waters can easily swallow anyone alive. This, however, has not stopped daredevil open-water divers from risking their lives by plunging into its seemingly never-ending hole. Taking the dive requires experience with specialized techniques and cave diving equipment, since there is a high risk of getting lost in the caves deep down. Otherwise you might as well just swim close to the surface like most visitors do. To this day, eight diver deaths have been recorded at the site.

9: The Danakil Desert
In the northern end of Africa’s Great Rift Valley lies the Danakil Desert in Ethiopia, one of the hottest places on the surface of the planet. It’s one of the most inhospitable places known to man, with daytime temperatures exceeding 122°F (or 50°C). Volcanoes and earthquakes continually rip the ground apart, spewing lava and noxious gases, and giving the place its name “the gateway to Hell”. The idea that anyone would actually live here seems absurd, yet people have been inhabiting the place continuously for thousands of years. As salt traders, natives make regular two-day long treks on camels to collect salt. One interesting note about the native Danakils is that they used to have a reputation of cutting off unwanted visitors’ testicles; although nowadays the practice has stopped. The proximity of the region to Eritrea’s borders also makes it a dangerous place for visitors. In 2012, five European tourists were filled and four others bid trapped by African revel groups near a volcano in the area.

8: Madidi National Park
Bolivia’s Madidi National Park has long been considered the most biologically diverse protected area on the planet, with new wildlife species being frequently discovered in the area. But in the middle of such a steamy tropical rainforest, there’s bound to be plenty of creatures above you in the food chain. As beautiful as the place may be, the diverse species have developed different types of poison to protect themselves: toxic moths, flesh-eating maggots, and skin-eating fungi to name a few. Direct contact with the park’s plants leads to severe itching, rash, and dizziness. Any small wound or cut can quickly get infected by parasites. Visitors will also get the chance to experience wild animals such as snakes, jaguars, and bears; all of which prey on humans. The wild pigs are among the worst; known to literally tear human visitors apart, leaving them strewn across the park floor in pieces.

7: Death Valley
Death Valley is a stunningly beautiful desert surrounded by mountains. Located in eastern California near the Nevada border, Death Valley seems like something out of this world with its alien-like topography and scorching heat. You might have experienced hot and dry places, but none can compare to what is considered Earth’s natural oven. During the summers, Death Valley commonly experiences temperatures above 120°F (or 49°C), with its highest recorded temperature reaching a staggering 134°F (or 56.7°C). The blazing sun and searing heat would quickly dehydrate and exhaust anyone, and without water, death would come within less than 14 hours. Despite that, the place is continuously visited by tourists. Many deaths have been recorded in the past for those not honoring the valley’s extreme climate. In August of 2016 for example, 40-year-old Linda Hung took a turn into Death Valley and got her car stuck in the sand. She then walked off to get help, but collapsed just five miles away from the car, where rescuers later found her tread body.

6: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Famous for its legendary carnivals and festivals, Rio may seem like a great place for a holiday. With its soaring mountains and white sandy beaches, the Brazilian city manages to attract millions

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