Titanic – The Brightest And The Darkest Sides Of Mankind

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Human nature and psychology is unpredictable.  Every human act reflects within itself the angelic or the evil shadows that are in competition since the human race began from Adam and Eve.  Titanic facts reveal that the RMS Titanic has both the realities side by side running along from the very start till it ends down deep in the ocean.

The greed of competition, the greed to be on the top at all costs gives birth to the legendry Titanic among its other liner competitors.  There is so much to compete from the speed to the architecture and the pomp and show.  Since Mauritania and Lucitania had made their mark with greater speeds, the White Liners were at awe to break the impression by adding a new liner to their fleet once and for all.  Soon the dream was to become a reality, and Titanic was born.  The most luxurious of all, the high status, the unsinkable and the glorious titanic could get to your aspirations with great speed and luxury.  The ship sufficed with the three funnels to fulfil the purposes but the fourth funnel was still erected merely for the look of it and the thought that this ship had great speed.

Titanic passengers ranged with people from all sorts of backgrounds.  There were around three hundred and twenty five of the richest people on board the titanic on the night of April 1912.  Twelve of those lost lives along with the others when the ship sank.  The lifeboats on board were not only less in number than required.  It is a sorrowful fact that the first boat had only twenty-five people loaded on to it despite the fact that it had a capacity of sixty-five.  The upper class passengers were not of the idea of sitting packed together.  The crew on board was trying its maximum to keep calm and composure by aligning people to get onto life boats and shouting women and children first.  But then many a people in the lower class cabins couldn’t come up to the deck because the gates were locked to avoid the boat from sinking as long as they could hold on.

Titanic survivors narrate the horrors of that night.  Gun shots were heard to keep order among the miserable people.  Many a brave men did stand back to let the women and children board first, and then there were some who cared less to give away their lives and got onto the boats one way or the other.  Titanic had in it both the dark and the bright sides to ponder on and learning lessons of a life time.

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