Kayaking and Canoeing becomes popular in Sri Lanka

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Kayaking and canoeing are one of the latest sports gaining popularity in Sri Lanka. Prithiviraj Perera is the president of the Canoeing and Kayaking Association of Sri Lanka (NACKSL) and he says that the team works voluntarily in an effert to promote competitions in this sporting event. In his statement, he also mentioned that the Olympic Solidarity Assistance program has sent a certified coach to train trainers who will then train individuals to excel in the sport. This training programme took place in three different cities during April 2010 and was funded by the same association providing the coach. At that time, there were only limited stocks of canoes and kayaks available in Sri Lanka.

Some time later the NACKSL joined hands with the rowing club of Bolgoda who were very keen on promoting kayaking and canoeing as a competitive sport. Furthermore, three women from the Kotalawela Defense University participated in the training program with an aim to expand the sport. According to Perera, continuous practice and more competition is what is needed to take the sport forward. Canoeing and kayaking is also promoted as a leisure sport by many private investors who invest in boats for the purpose.

According to the ICF coach who came for the training trainers program, there is quite a potential in Sri Lanka. Therefore, with sufficient interest and support in the sport, it could be seen as a niche sport in which the island nation could make its mark in the Olympic Games in time to come. For this to happen, the NACKSL has to get better stocks of equipment, organize more competitions, and hosting an international competition will really boost the focus and attention that the sport deserves.

Kayaking has a backbone that is made up of several different disciplines which are all challenged on an international stage. Supreme athleticism, resolute mentality and intense preparation is required if one wants to reach the top. In addition to being a challenging sport, kayaking/canoeing has become a very popular adventure and leisure past time around the world. This sport can be done on white water, flat water and sea water. The competitions are often in the form of freestyles, marathons, sprints and slalom.

The Ministry of Sports in Sri Lanka has very recently officially registered Kayaking/Canoeing as a sport in the country. In 2004, the NACKSL  registered as the 60th sport in the country with the Ministry of Sports and since then, the association has also been recognised by the International Canoe Federation, the Asian Canoe Federation, and the National Olympic Committee. Furthermore, in Sri Lanka, the level of kayaking training and the conditions in which the training occurs are in par with the standards of Europe and North America. Being an island nation surrounded by water, Sri Lanka has a lot of potential to send their water sport athletes to participate in the Olympic Games and promote sports tourism in the country. Moreover, the sport is not a very expensive one and although it is gaining worldwide popularity, a standard kayak could be owned at a rate of approximately 1200 USD. Because Sri Lanka owns many waterways, the sport has much potential. Hardworking and talented individuals from the urban areas could be encourages to participate if there is a promise of more support for the NACKSL in the future.

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Tips for Finding Great Accommodation in Whistler

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Whistler is a tourist magnet and naturally, there are a large number of accommodation options here  Your main considerations when selecting an accommodation should be your budget, the facilities you want, eateries and bars nearby, and how close is it to the mountain range. The different categories of properties are hotels, town homes, home-stays, condos, and chalets. These are further divided into Luxury, Deluxe and Moderate accommodations.

Here are a few accommodations that are worth checking out.

Staying at a hotel

All hotels in Whistler have 24 hour check-in. You can also find services like hotel shuttle, concierge, daily housekeeping, ski valet, and room service.

Fairmont Chateau

If you are looking for luxurious accommodation in Whistler, it does not get better than Fairmont Chateau Whistler. It is located at the base of Blackcomb mountain, in upper village and it is famous for its outstanding cuisine, impeccable service and luxury.

Ava Hotel

Ava hotel is a deluxe hotel that is located in the center of Whistler village. The hotel is stylishly designed, has all modern features and offers personalized service.

Blackcomb Lodge

Blackcomb Lodge is a new hotel and it it is located in Whistler Village. There are many shops and restaurants nearby. The hotel has an indoor pool, sauna and hot tub. The Araxi restaurant on the ground floor offers wonderful food.

Condominium Lodges

Condominium lodges offer apartment style living, These accommodations have daily housekeeping, recreation amenities and 24 hour front desks. You can even cook your own food.


Evolution Mountain Lodge is in Whistler Creekside. This condominium lodge has hot tubs, an outdoor heated pool, fitness room, steam room, sauna, media room and a games room.

Cascade Lodge

Whistler Village North is home to Cascade Lodge. It is just four minutes away from the gondolas. This lodge is very close to the Whistler Golf Club and the Whistler Conference Center.

Alpenglow Lodge

Alpenglow Lodge is located in a quiet and convenient part of Village North. This European style lodge is just minutes away from restaurants, shops and bars.

Town homes

Town homes and home stays offer a home-away-from-home experience. These may be in town house complexes or multi-level buildings. Town homes are fully equipped with all amenities. They even have kitchens and laundry facilities. On the other hand, you may have to give hot tubs and pools a miss.


Montebello town homes in Whistler Village North are gold rated accommodations. The location may be quiet but from here you will get a wonderful view of both Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. You can walk to the free shuttle (to the lifts) in just three minutes.

Alpine Greens

Alpine Greens is very close to Whistler’s Four Seasons Resort. From the balconies, you can get a beautiful view of the Whistler Golf Club. These town homes are equipped with private patios, washer dryers, and fireplaces.

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Travel Tips for the Perfect Vacation

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Check out these easy tips that can eventually help you with planning the perfect vacation.

  • The first requirement would be to choose the location. The easiest way is to discuss it with all fellow travellers from various online groups and websites since there are many who have shared their experiences with reviews and photographs. You should keep in mind to check out the weather and various climatic conditions that might affect your holiday as well as the type of vacation that you are thinking about. There are plenty of locations to choose from while it purely depends on your requirements and idea of a memorable holiday. From beach holidays to cultural expeditions, from adventure travel to romantic getaways to exotic destinations, the location has to be decided upon your liking.
  • Then you should figure out the dates. Think at least two or three options when it comes to dates that you think are ideal for you to travel. If you are travelling with a partner or a group, make sure that you discuss and make the choice together. Optional travel dates are always important since there can be instances that you might be in a bit of pickle.
  • If travelling to this particular destination has been a long lasting dream of yours, then you should start saving. You can put away a fixed amount as savings so that you can make the trip a whole lot better.
  • Then comes the budget. If you plan well ahead, you can save a lot on ticket prices. There are many airlines that offer discounts on early bird online bookings, so make use of it. There are great offers that you should not miss. Also make sure that you count in the food, hotel expenses, clothing, shopping, attraction fees, insurance fees etc into your budget. Everything will fit in when you plan the budget according to the holiday that you have planned. If you are going on a shopping spree, you would have a bigger budget planned and if you are planning on a budget holiday, you will plan on less expensive lodging and less shopping as well.
  • Just as the flight details, you can check the hotels in advance and book them on your own. You should go through all the amenities and customer reviews if possible before making your choice. If it is an unknown destination, then online reviews and blogs will surely help you decide on a hotel.
  • Learn to travel light and keep space for shopping. And also, if you plan to travel with a lot of luggage, there are many restrictions that you will face. Pack only the necessary items for the tip and travel light.
  • Make a schedule before you leave according to your travel dates. This will help you visit all the places that you wanted to go to. You can easily try a Google search and note down the area attractions and where you want to go.  

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Famous Buildings Around the World

sbid- Jan


There are plenty of amazing architectural wonders around the world. Some of them are miracles and this infographic focuses on a few of the significant buildings around the world designed by SBID

How To Choose and Hire Qualified Private Jet Pilots

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1. You need to know your travel essentials so that you can decide the type of jet aircraft you will be using and the type of pilot that you need. Assess your travel needs to distinguish whether you will be doing mostly domestic travel or mostly international or a combination of both trips. You need to make a decision whether you need a crew that will be on call and ready even for the last minute travels or on that is set on schedule and planned in advance.

2. You must advertise. The best way to get a group of professional and legitimate pilots who want to work for you is to put out a few feelers in the nooks and crannies of the aviation company. Don’t waste your time posting job ads for pilots on general job websites such as www.jobfinder.com or www.monstertrak.com. Also, go to www.fltops.com and you will find lots of skilled jet-ready professional pilots.

3. You should know what you are looking for. When you are scanning through the various pilot resumes after you have posted the job ad, be sure that you understand a little bit of pilot speak. Pilots measure their experience and proficiency on two aspects. The first is the amount and quality of flight time they have and the other one is the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certificates and ratings that they own. A qualified jet pilot will have a commercial multi-engine land pilot certificate and an instrument rating with at least 1200 total flight hours and preferably an ATP (airline transport pilot) certificate. It is more ideal if they have a pilot in command type rating added onto their credentials. They must also hold a current first or second class medical accomplished by an aviation medical examiner (AME).

4. You need to check the red flags. Any pilot with a defamed record is a signal of big red flag for you. You should ask all the applicants whether they have anyaccidents or incidents on their record and you need to be sure of this by checking their book. They can’t lie as all pilot records are now made available via pilot record improvement act, or PRIA. You can check the www.landings.com and click on the “database” and then “pilots” tabs to checkcertified and professional pilots. Any FAA registered pilot with a current medical can be read on this website.

5. You can certify and give training. Even though you will be hiring a qualified professional pilot, you have to make sure that he is competent for the particular type of aircraft that you own/rent/manage private aircraft, in contrast to most turbine and piston aircraft, needs type ratings that are set to that aircraft. Like for example, a pilot that is skillful on a hawker jet won’t be able to fly a Lear jet unless she has a Lear jet type rating. If your pilot doesn’t already have this type rating, you will probably have to offer it by sending them to a certified and qualified training facility.


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Srilankan- dec copy


Sri Lanka is denoted as one of the most significant world heritage sites and it is a paradise for the tourist who loves to explore historic sites. This infographic emphasises few of the heritage sites in Sri Lanka designed by Srilankan Airlines.


Tips on How to be a Better Driver

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Driving a vehicle can be a very convenient thing which can make you feel very independent and carry on with your life according to exactly the way you want. No need to rush in order to catch the bus and you can reach home whenever it is convenient for you.

But most forget to drive safe when they get behind the driving wheel. There are some accidents you cannot avoid due to bad weather conditions as well as mechanical short comings. And the same time there are so many accidents that takes place because the driver was not paying attention or simply by overlooking very primary preventive steps that should have been taken.

Following are some of the common mistakes done by the drivers that could be easily avoided.

1)      Check the vehicle before you hit the road
The regular maintenance of the vehicle is essential when you use a vehicle. You should check if the tires are in good condition and if the brakes are working proper order. Also the fluids levels of the engine and other parts of the car have to be checked and maintained. So it will help the car to stop when you want avoiding and accident and also it will make sure the car will not stop voluntarily in the middle of the road when it is not supposed to.

2)      Is the driver in the driving mood?
It is not only the car that has to be ready. The driver also has to be in a good condition to operate and drive the car. Commonly it is considered that the driver should be having good eye sight and if not using visual aid to correct the sight. Also a person who is in good health condition has the ability to think quick and respond faster. Also the driver should not be on any medication that may cause drowsiness or blur the vision during the supposed period of driving.

3)      Stay focused all the time
When you drive your main focus should be on the road, the other vehicles and the pedestrians who maybe crossing the road. But some tend to multi-task while they are driving which can be quite dangerous. Putting on makeup, looking for the favourite CD or having a bite while driving happens quite often more than you would think and it can easily lead to an unfortunate accident. Have your selves organized before you start the engine. Make sure you have groomed yourself in advance and have other things close by where you can easily retrieve them.

4)      Be a Cautious Driver
While there are certain traffic rules and regulations are in place some drivers constantly break the rules. So always stay on alert about the other drivers who may break the law. Even when you stop at an intersection and when it is green light for you to pass through sometimes a careless driver maybe trying pass through. Keeping a considerable distance against the front vehicle is always a wise move so you have enough time to react in case you have to stop the car.


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Enjoying The Time In Vacation Rentals

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One of the best ways to enjoy your vacation in exciting places like New Jersey is to take in different kinds of experiences. If you are looking for a vacation that is marked by different kinds of delights, then it would do you good to look for vacation rentals on the famous Jersey Shore.

When you stay in such vacation rentals, you can get to enjoy a holiday that has:

  • History,
  • Culture,
  • Food,
  • Museums,
  • Art galleries and of course
  • The famous Jersey beaches.

If one were to talk about the historic attractions in the New Jersey Shore, they range across towns, buildings with Victorian architecture, museums and even lighthouses. So, you do have plenty to choose from. Whenever you feel like taking a break from the beaches, why not head off to one of these attractions?

 Historic towns

One of the most important sites relates to history are the many towns that pepper Jersey Shore. Almost all the counties that make up Jersey shore are full of old buildings that resonate with the beauty of the architecture of a bygone era. For instance, Monmouth County was established in the year 1675!

You can also visit the Cold Spring Village in Cape May. This place will make you feel like you stepped into a time capsule because it showcases how people lived many years ago. Atlantic City, famous for its gambling opportunities, is also home to the Absecon Lighthouse which was lit way back in your 1857.

 Parks and forests

Another interesting way to enjoy the history of the Jersey shore is to go into places like Cape May Point State Park which is home to a lighthouse as well. This lighthouse dates back to the year 1859. There is also the Wharton State Forest in Batsto. The Batsto village has more than 30 historic buildings and you can see glimpses of how a glassmaking industry flourished here in the eighteenth century.

 Famous people

Another way of enjoying the history of the New Jersey shore is to look for places such as the Hancock House and the birthplace of Grover Cleveland. Of course, planning a trip to all these places would certainly depend on the location of your vacation rentals. Ideally, if history is your cup of tea, then you should be able to look for a rental that is centrally located. This will help you to travel to as many places as possible.

 Historic places

Each of the counties that make up New Jersey shore has a pretty long list of historic places. You could access the website of the National Register of Historic Places to get details of places such as schools, lighthouses, districts, residences of famous or notable personalities and so on and then plan your itinerary. For example, Cape May is home to many wineries and vineyards. Quite a few of these vineyards go back in history and it makes for a welcome change from the beaches of New Jersey.

Thus, there are plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy history in a very different manner when you take a holiday in the New Jersey Shore Summer Rentals

The Most Attractive Beaches in Australia

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Australia has the best coastlines in the world. Three of the world’s famous ocean meets in the Australian coastline namely, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, and Southern Ocean. The coastline of Australia is more than 30,000 (km) in length, and if we include the islands the coastline goes up to 47,000 (km) in length. Australia comprises of around 10,685 beaches. No wonder why the Australians love their beaches and indulge in various activities like water sports, surfing, and family outing. These beaches are a part of Australian culture. Tourists visit Australia for all these beaches. To visit Australia on a holiday an individual needs to apply for an Australia Tourist Visas. Before you apply for your tourist visa, it is always recommended taking assistance from immigration and visa counsellor. MoreVisas is the best immigration and visa counsellor. Their experienced counsellors will provide complete assistance in securing the visa.

There are numerous beaches in Australia, and each beach has its own beauty and charm, some of the most beautiful beaches of Australia include.

Turquoise Bay: This beach is situated in Exmouth, Western Australia. Turquoise Bay is possibly one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. Turquoise Bay is well known for its crystal clear water and its proximity Ningaloo. Tourists can try drifting snorkel and also watching the colourful coral with a variety of fish. This beach is a perfect place to spend and relax in the afternoon and enjoying the water.

Whitehaven Beach: Whitehaven Beach is located in Queensland. It is a 7 kilometre long beach along the Whitsunday Island. Whitehaven Beach is known for its pristine white sand. Water sports options are available. This beach defines the nature at its best and provides a sense of relaxation and enjoyment. Plan your trip to Australia to see the scenic beauty of Whitehaven Beach.

Cable Beach: Another beautiful beach in the Western Australia. This beach secured its name from the fact that a telegraphic cable is passes between Broome and Java. The beach is a 22 kilometre stretch of pure white sand, against the backdrop of red ochre cliffs and fringed by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. The beach is known for its long stretches of sand. The water in the beach always remains at a comfortable temperature.

Wilson’ Promontory or Squeaky Beach: This beautiful beach is located in Victoria. Known for its white sand and pristine water. This beach secured its name from the fact that when somebody walks or runs in the sand it squeaks. The view of the beach is truly spectacular. It’s the best places to surf and swim. The temperature of the water is cold, and it’s advisable that kids should not swim as the water can get rough and choppy at times.

Coolangatta Beach: Coolangatta Beach has the best surfing condition and is exceptionally attractive. This beach is known for its clear water which is lukewarm. The view of the beach is exceptionally stunning. You can take a long walk, relax the moment and enjoy the sunset.

If you wish to visit Australia, you should secure a tourist visa; there are few eligibility criteria’s which you need to meet. The criteria include:

  • Applicant will have to provide evidence that he/she possess sufficient funds to support himself/herself or their family for the entire stay in Australia.
  • Applicant will not seek or undertake employment in Australia.
  • Applicant should not possess any criminal record and must not intend to abide the laws of Australia.

Cruising Essentials: Packing, Expenses, and More

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With a set of itinerary, relaxing and opulent accommodations on board, and a stunning view of the ocean, a cruise is necessarily a trip planned for you. As you want to take such a trip for your next vacation, then you must consider these tips:

How Much You Want to Spend

On average, a cruise travel must be allocated with around $100 per person per day, or $500 for one week. By booking for more than two people per cabin or finding packages and discounts can cut back the cost. Apart from taking advantage of an agency’s own deals and packages, you must think of the schedule of the cruise and requested accommodations onboard.

Driving to terminal make less the amount paid, as does finding discounts. Along with scheduling your trip in fall or summer, you must try searching for discounts based on age, location, for groups, or for regular passengers.

Who is coming with you?

Are you cruising with your children? Some cruise line like Disney, you must think about children in the activities, the accommodations onboard, entertainment, while others have an atmosphere specifically geared toward adults.

Larger ships, particularly those Royal Caribbean and Carnival, offer choice for everyone such as the clubs for teens, supervised activities and trained staff. However, rather than assuming you must check first the cruise lines before booking for a trip.


Even if a seemingly-minor concern, dining basically determines how much time you have for activities and excursions in each port. Do you plan on having long period of touring, shopping in each places and exploration? In order to avoid rushing back to the ship, a later dining time allows you to get ready with more fun and excitement. On the other hand, if children are accompanying you, an earlier dining time may be more practical. There are some cruise lines that understand flexibility with regards to your leisure time and so are adopting open dining times.


When planning for a cruise trip, there are two aspects you need to consider: where you are going and if the trip has dress up nights. While packing for a warmer travel like a vacation to the Caribbean is no sweat, a less-typical option, such as an Alaska or Canada cruise, are different. For colder trips, the travelers are advised to be prepared to layer and be ready for rain.

When cruising, have one or two scheduled dress up nights but always remember to stay practical by just bringing along just one or two outfits along with casual or “resort” wear. You can always check Galveston cruises for more information.


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