The most common sports injuries

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Here is an infographic designed by Polar. That basically explains the most common sports injuries.


Snowboarding Basics – A Beginners Guide

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Snowboarding is one winter sport that comes with its set of thrills and challenges and is very popular in areas that see snowy winters. It is one of the most popular events even in the winter Olympics and quite similar to surfing or skate boarding, except for that it is done on snow.

A Beginners Guide

Apart from being cool, snowboarding is physically intensive and needs perfect mind-body coordination, just like any other sport. Riding down slopes is something that needs to be mastered with regular practice. Before starting off on the actual slopes, focus on the right kind of gear and some basics of snowboarding. The gears you need to look for apart from a proper snowboard are helmets, protective clothing, goggles and shoes. The snowboard comes with provisions to strap in shoes and a leash to prevent the board from sliding down hill. One of the standard criteria to follow while choosing a snowboard is to match personal height and body weight. The board needs to reach up to the chin when held upright and sturdy enough to bear weight. Fiberglass boards are the best suited ones with different designs available to try out different styles of snowboarding. These would come of use once you master the basics of the sport.

With the gear in place, learn how to strap the board on. This needs to be done in a flat area; most of the slopes have designated areas for beginners to fit themselves up without hindering other boarders. One important rule on the slopes is to stay out of the way of other boarders; a pile up can be nasty. Familiarize yourself with the board, its basic functions and learn to move around with one foot strapped on the board. Keep your dominant foot on the front of the board.

Actual Snowboarding

The first question a beginner asks is “How to snowboard?” To begin with, learn how to skate on the flat surface. This is very essential to move around slopes and also from the ski lift. Gradually move on to learn how to glide with the board. This helps you gain more control over speed and balance body weight while moving down a slope. With some control on the board and basic understanding on how to control speed with the right kind of pressure, try snowboarding on soft slopes. A slight bend of the knee to get better balance is all that is required in the beginning. As you practice on the slopes, you may need to master other techniques as well. For example, you may need to learn how to switch edges when you find yourself on the wrong edge. This normally requires unfastening and rebinding the board, but can also be done by rolling over. Take care that the path is clear before doing so to avoid others from crashing in.  The scope to try out different stunts is plenty and is something that needs to be learnt with rigorous practice. It can be physically intensive, as you need to climb up the slope each time with short distances being covered by inching up in a frog-jump with the gear strapped on.

The Endeavour to Succeed in Sports

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Sport is a style of activity that involves within the maintenance and also the improvement of somebody’s beings medicine. There are lots of and a lot of differing kinds of sports in every elements of the globe. Some sports could involve a minimum of 2 participants while alternative could need lots of. Either manner there are enough or a lot of people that participate in sports. From the instant somebody’s being is in a position to steer sports play an enormous role in their lives. From development of muscles and reflexes sports play a awfully crucial half during a person life. Once you reach a definite age there’ll be a degree in life wherever you’ll wish to pursue a sport as a living. To some enjoying sports come back naturally whereas alternative have to be compelled to keep active and active to be good in what they have to try to.

In any youngster stage sports area unit created mandatory by colleges. Once they realize the $64000 potential athletes they have an inclination to offer them the push that’s required to travel an extended manner therein explicit sport. The Olympic Games area unit a awfully prestigious and known stage wherever several athletes from everywhere the world area unit in once place to vie with one another and see WHO the most effective within the game is. These athletes are hierarchical counting on what proportion their performance levels are. A jock like Usain Bolt who is that the fastest man within the world is documented by millions owing to the attractiveness and diligence he has endeavoured.

Regardless no matter sport is being command there’s forever a collection of rules and rules that keep the game during a well disciplined manner. In any form of sport winning is set by the points or the score. So as to attain such points it’s vital for the athletes to be totally matched physically and mentally. Sure athletes tend to consume illegal substances so as to extend their stamina and muscles. As a result of this reason there happens to be an awfully strict rule that states no illegal substances may be utilized in order to participate in any sport. Several athletes begin as amateurs and still move forward to the skilled levels. This implies a lot of facilities and far higher pays. Sure sport icons area unit been adored by countless individuals from across the world. The world’s most paid sport is Basketball. These basketball superstars live like royalty and that they create it a degree to win titles at identical time. These superstars set out as amateurs and currently they’re the most effective within the game. The most effective a part of these sports superstars is that the issue wherever they provide lots of charity and conduct events for fund raisers. This can be why individuals still love several sports icons. Notwithstanding what you are doing it’s vital to conduct a sport which is able to keep you fit an extended amount of your time.

About the Author: Lana Joseph a freelance writer and a social reformer where she writes about things that inspire or get notified in society.  She writes about rugby team kit.

The Services of Sport Psychology

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MMA clothing UKSports and athletics had in the past, been an extremely neglected field of study, psychologically. Dwelling firmly on the physical aspects of sport, there haven’t been too many professions dedicated to serving athletes in ways other than physical training. Until now. Sports psychologists are now an indispensable part of the world of sports. Their expertise has grown from basic counseling, to managing major league sports teams. Being a generalised term, here are some of the area sports psychology aims to affect. The sports psychologist is a master of the mental game. The key to success in several sports lies deeper than in skill and performance. The support a specialist psychologist provides here is key. No athlete is at their ‘A-game’ a hundred percent of the time, and this is essentially why many athletes flounder after an initial burst of success. Drawing on other means of encouragement is therefore key. Mental endurance is an area tirelessly worked on by the sports psychologist, as is emotional resilience.

Needless to say, young athletes are heavily benefited by sports psychology. Many above-average and extremely talented young hopefuls can be transformed by a trained psychologist. With many young students aggressively pursuing enhanced performance, it is easily noticeable where a sport-certified psychologist can be effective. Young athletes are most prone to emotional instability and often need their passion channelled the right way. Between this and other more specific emotional/psychological issues emerges a definite gap in the solving of complicated problems young athletes face. Youth are a recognised target group sport psychology needs to be brought to. Sports psychology with young athletes also extends to advising and counselling their parents.

Sports psychologists do sometimes double as great coaches of the particular sport. It is often very difficult to separate performance related psychical issues from psychological ones, and the only way to identify these properly is in the playing field. It is therefore important that psychologists are familiar with the intricacies of their client’s sport, and the problems it commonly poses. A sports psychologist often accompanies an athlete in practice, and performs a detailed analysis of the process. Confidence levels are never expected to soar in the minds of an unmotivated athlete, and it is often up to the psychologist to discover and eliminate short-term frustration. A primary objective is to enable the athlete to have plans for every intention Goal setting is another key aspect to the trained psychologist. A primary objective is to enable the athlete to have plans for every intention. Athletes often have high expectations of themselves but aren’t sure of how to achieve their goals. Others constantly chase higher goals, leading to a very unfulfilling career. An athlete is trained to recognize and attain realistic goals and maximize growth.

Above all, the role of sports psychology is to make athletes understand themselves better, and to use that knowledge on the playing field. Few in the sporting world will argue with the importance of focus and vision, and to meet every challenge along the way, undeterred. This takes more than talent and performance. A sports psychologist’s job is to set every athlete up to win.

About the Author: Joanna Robinson is a content writer who loves to share her knowledge among internet users. These days she is writing about sports and about Mma clothing UK

Recommended Training For Team Sports

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Team sports can be a problem area as far as training is concerned. The solution is discipline.

If you take football and rugby as two examples, you have clearly defined ‘off seasons’ where there are no competitive games for a number of weeks. After a long campaign it can be tempting to be idle and to forget about any strict dietary programmes that you need to follow. This is understandable but when you eventually return to playing, you shouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself to be unfit and overweight.

Recommended Guidelines

The Football Association has listed its recommendations for anyone easing their way back into pre-season training. The methods can be applied to football, rugby or any team or individual performance sport where there has been a period of inactivity for whatever reason.

Above all, the Football Association warns you not to overdo things; it can be really tempting to push yourself, but you can risk serious injury if you do this following a long layoff.

The First Week

Once you have ensured you have appropriate training gear – you can buy training kits and shoes from loads of high street stores but if you’ve become too lazy to go out then they’re available online too – your first week’s training ahead of the new season should begin with a gentle five minute jog. This is all you need to start building your way to match fitness. Jog around the pitch if you can or alternatively, just head for the local park.

Once the five minutes are up, do some gentle stretching exercises and now you’re ready to do some sprints. Fast, short sprints are better for burning fat and building fitness, so don’t be fooled by the theory that a long marathon is the key to everlasting fitness because it’s not, in fact you’ll probably cause yourself an injury which will mean you won’t be able to play sport for a lot longer than a season break.

You should start with a sprint at three quarters of your full pace from one end of the touchline to the other. Rest and recover for thirty seconds and then repeat this five times.

Now, you need a further recovery period of around two and a half minutes, so just take a gentle jog on the spot or kick a ball for a while.

Having completed this, you need to repeat the whole of this process one more time before you take a final, five minute jog to end the session.

Staying Motivated

Training at the start of a long season is difficult enough, but doing it on your own is tough. If you can, try to find a partner from your team who can train with you and together, you can get past this crucial first week before building towards 100% match fitness.

This post was written by Graeme Brunt an amateur footballer who always buys his kit from

5 Most Common Sports Surgeries

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Whether the game is played by pros or six-year-olds, on a big league gridiron or a backyard softball field, the sports arena is often a dangerous place to be. Whenever and wherever a sports contest takes place, the injury threat is real and so is the threat of surgery. These are five common surgeries that result from sports play.

Tommy John

Probably the most famous of all sports operations is called Tommy John, or ulnar collateral ligament (UCL), surgery. John, a left-handed pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1974, badly damaged the ligament in his pitching arm. Dr. Frank Jobe replaced it with a tendon from John’s right forearm by drilling holes in the elbow bones of his left arm. John spent the next 18 months in rehabilitation and – even to Lobe’s amazement – joined the Dodgers for the 1976 season. He retired as a New York Yankee in 1989, winning 164 post-surgery games.

Today’s baseball players with this surgery generally begin throwing the ball after about 16 weeks. Pitchers may be able to return to the game in about a year, other players about six months.

Knee and Foot Problems

Torn ligaments are common injuries, especially among professional players. If a knee ligament is torn, it cannot be repaired. It must be corrected with an arthroscopic procedure known as anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction. This surgical technique restores function by removing the torn ligament through a hole that is punched into the knee. The graft is then inserted through the hole.

There are two types of grafts in this surgery: autograft and allograft. An autograft is from the patient’s own body, which carries little danger of infection. An allograft is from a donor’s body, usually a cadaver. Although there are some rejection risks, the sterilization process usually makes the operation a safe choice.

Another common problem for sports players involves the Achilles tendon, situated between the foot and the calf. With a sudden strong force, such as the stress that may occur during a tennis match or basketball game, the tendon will tear. In most cases, unless the tear is very minor, surgery is required.

Hip and Hernia Repairs

Growing in popularity, especially among professional athletes, is so-called hip impingement or bone shaving surgery. Many pro athletes develop debilitating pain in the hip where the bone has caused muscles to tear. The procedure shaves and smooths the hip bone with the intent of reducing the pain and the chance of developing arthritis in the area. New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez had this surgery. Since it sometimes takes years for arthritis to develop, there is still some question as to the outcome.

Wear and tear on the bodies of athletes can result in a bulge in the intestine or abdomen known as a hernia. The surgical procedure has been modernized with the use of synthetic mesh devices that strengthen the wall of the abdomen.

Dr Jeremy Smith is an Orthopaedic Surgeon from Sydney, Australia. He performs many sports injury related surgeries per week and has found these to be five of the most common. He says that there are a number of medical vacancies in Australia at the moment and recommends contacting Healthstaff Recruitment if you are seeking a job.

Best Football Players Of Australia

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Recently, a gala ceremony was held in Sydney to determine who the best football players of Australia are. The Greatest Ever Australian Footballer Awards were handed out in each position with Harry Kewell being named as the overall best player the country has ever seen.

The awards were decided by a combination of votes from fans, players and pundits whose job it was to decide a ‘best ever’ team for the international side, commonly known as the Socceroos. Kewell belongs to a so called ‘Golden Generation’ of Australian footballers, many of whom join him in the team.

The Best Ever Australian Team

The current goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer was named best ever in his position, as were several other current and former Premiership favourites including Mark Viduka, Lucas Neill and Tim Cahill. The rest of the team, which was named as a 4-3-3 formation, were; Joe Marston who has the distinction of being the first of his countrymen to play in the FA Cup, retired Craig Moore and the late Johnny Warren.  Alan Davidson, Ned Zelic and forward Ray Baartz also made the squad which included only players who represented their country after 1947.

Harry Kewell – The Best Ever Australian Football Player

Ex-Leeds, Liverpool, Galatasaray and Melbourne Victory midfielder Harry Kewell was in the UK so could not collect the award himself, but he described it as “An incredible honour”.  He went on to say that the award meant so much more to him because the fans had such a big influence on the final selection.

Over 15,000 people voted during the selection process of the awards, while a panel of experts drawn from ex-players, current players and commentators also played a big role in deciding that Kewell should get the award. He also declared that to be named the best of such illustrious company is a great honour. He stated;

“To be named amongst such great players in the greatest ever Australian team, both past and current, is something I will never forget.”

The event was held to raise money for the Johnny Warren Football Foundation and included other awards such as the best ever female player, which went to Matildas captain Cheryl Salisbury, and the best coach award, which predictably went to the man that masterminded the national team’s 2006 World Cup campaign and took them to the knock out phase, Dutchman Guus Hiddink.

Harry Kewell was born in Smithfield in Sydney in 1978 and met his wife Sheree Murphy in a nightclub in 2002 when he played his football for Leeds United, where he joined the youth team in 1995. His next club, which was also in England, was Liverpool where he helped the team win the FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League. The winger is famed for his dribbling ability and though blighted with injuries throughout his career, has always managed to excite the crowds with his blistering pace and amazing ability on the ball.

Payne is a football enthousiast and amateur player. He has his own personal afl betting blog where he writes his thoughts on Australian football. He lives alone in Australia and loves to contribute posts whenever he has time and is possible.

A Crash Course In Safety For Cyclists

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Cycling is actively encouraged by health departments, city planners and environmentalists because it is good exercise, it reduces congestion and it also reduces pollution. While the positives of cycling over driving a car are clear to see getting on a bike is not without its negatives, one in particular being safety. While you are on a bike you have virtually no protection whatsoever and some motorists seem oblivious to a cyclist’s exposure to harm, meaning that riding a bike can often be quite a risky affair. If you are planning on cycling to a destination instead of driving any time soon, there are certain things that you should always be mindful of to help ensure your safety so that you won’t be making any bicycle accident claims any time soon.

Passing Stopped Vehicles

If a vehicle up ahead of you has just stopped and appears to have parked, there is a particular potential hazard you should be mindful of. When on a bicycle you could be in a blind spot meaning the driver is unable to see you or in some cases, the driver may simply just not look. This could lead to them opening the door of the car and if the timing is wrong, you could find yourself driving directly at speed into a metal and glass barrier. If you do notice that a driver ahead may be preparing to exit their vehicle then you should consider taking action to avoid a potential collision. With enough experience on the road you should be able to identify such hazards and take appropriate action to avoid accidents.

Keep Clear Of Erratic Drivers

As much as erratic and potentially dangerous motorists may be annoying you should remember that if you were to get into an incident you will almost certainly come of worse. Some motorists may even try to deliberately force you off the road as they would rather have the whole road to themselves. If you do notice a driver that could be a potential risk, do your best to keep away from them as arriving at your destination in one piece is far preferable to trying to win a moral battle and losing, even if you do win any bicycle accident claims you may make. If the situation is serious enough then you could consider calling the authorities to let them deal with the matter. 

Pedestrians and Crossings

Large hunks of metal such as cars are not the only thing that could cause a nasty accident as pedestrians could also cause you to take a nasty spill. Remember that pedestrians are not always as alert as they should be and if you spot a group of children in particular, you should be as prepared as possible for erratic behaviour. Both roadways and cycle path present potential hazards of collisions with pedestrians and no matter whether you hit a person or a car, falling off your bike at speed is always likely to be an unpleasant experience.  

Bicycle Maintenance and Visibility

Not all cycling accidents are the fault of somebody else and they could occasionally be the fault of the cycle itself. Brakes in particular are something that should be checked before taking to the road as you would not want to find yourself unable to slow down when riding at speed. A well-maintained bike would not only be safer to use but also more enjoyable as it will give you increased comfort and performance and if you are not able to do so yourself, a bicycle shop should be more than happy to help.

Make Sure You Light up

Remember also that if any vehicle or pedestrian cannot see you then they cannot be expected to avoid you. If you are riding at night make sure you have lights that are working properly and reflectors that will help increase your visibility. For additional visibility you could also wear a high-visibility jacket that will make sure that anybody else on the roads will be fully aware of your presence.

Although bicycle accident claims may be able to compensate you financially for any accidents that may occur it is still best to avoid them from happening in the first place. Take some simple steps to ensure your safety and you are much more likely to have an uneventful journey. 

Frankie Hughes socialises with cycling enthusiasts who compete in road cycling events around the country. From them she has gained a lot of valuable advice to offer regarding road safety issues and bicycle accident claims

A Guide to Fitness Equipment for Workout Sessions

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If you’ve made the popular New Year’s Resolution of getting fit this year then you have a major decision to make – brave the gym or invest in some new exercise equipment for the home. There are a number of advantages to the second option – no waiting for machines, no competitive workout sessions and more convenience. So if you want to create a home gym this year, check out this guide to which fitness equipment to invest in to make the most of your workout sessions.

Exercise Bikes
One of the most popular pieces of home fitness equipment is an exercise bike. An exercise bike is essentially a bike that doesn’t travel anywhere when you ride it. There are a range of exercise bikes to choose from so before you buy yourself one, it’s worth going to a few gyms to check out the different options to see which you prefer.

An upright bike puts you in a traditional bike-riding position where your feet pedal directly beneath your body whilst a recumbent style allows you to pedal in a reclined position with your legs extended out in front of you. Both offer all-round leg exercise so choose the one you find most confortable to use. The other main choice when it comes to selecting an exercise bike is whether you want a manual one which does just about the same as a conventional bike or whether you want an electric exercise bike that comes complete with programmable interface. The latter allows you to alter your routine for hill climbs and other scenarios.

Cross Trainers
Cross trainers, also referred to as elliptical trainers, are popular at the gym and are also suitable for  home fitness. Cross trainers provide excellent cardio-vascular exercise by increasing your heart rate whilst providing the opportunity for you to burn off fat. Although designs vary, most cross trainers follow a similar format with moving platforms for your feet and moving handles for your hands. They offer a full body workout and exercise a wide range of muscles.

Treadmills are one of the original types of exercise machine and involve a moving belt which you walk or run on. Sophisticated treadmills offer a variety of different work-out programmes such as gradual or steep inclines, declines and cross country tracks. They can even keep track on your personal best times and the number of calories you have burnt off amongst other things. They also provide a great way of practicing to run marathons and other long-distance events.


The Reebok ZR11 Treadmill.

The Reebok ZR11 Treadmill.

Rowing Machines
The final piece of home gym equipment which is highly popular is a rowing machine. Rowing machines help to tone and strengthen both the arm and leg muscles. There are a wide range of different types of rowing machine with some even folding for easy storage – ideal if space is at a premium in your home.

Reebok i-Power.

Reebok i-Power.

Whichever one of these four types of home fitness equipment you choose, you are sure to get fit in the comfort of your own home this year.

Image credits: Reebok Fitness