8 Businessmen Who Have Changed Their Fields Forever

We won’t speak here about such well-known names as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or any other businessman who made everything to generate brilliant ideas and turn them into life. We all know their names, they are often discussed or compared with others, and we always read every news about them in media. This list is devoted to real monsters of ideas from Forbes 2013 list, where they have been called business revolutionists, as their ideas are able to change such fields as IT, education, or medicine forever.

So, please, meet:


Jonathan Wolfson


Company: Solazyme

 Year established: 2003

 Country: United States

 Wolfson’s brainchild, the company Solazyme, recycles algae into fuel for diesel engines. The naval forces of the USA can me met among Solazyme’s customers, and automakers start testing its manufactured fuel now. Solazyme is also working on new ways to use algae. “The company can produce not only bio fuels: we are able to get a useful substitute for a palm oil and healthy food vegetable fats” – a 42-year-old Wolfson says.


Craig Weiss


Company: NJOY

 Year established: 2006

 Country: United States

 A 39-year-old patent attorney, inventor and director of the hedge fund Craig Weiss is a founder of the company for the electronic cigarettes production. NJOY is the leader in this market with the income of $ 300 million a year. NJOY cigarettes are not immediately distinguishable from ordinary ones: they look almost identical, but the nicotine goes to the smoker’s lungs through the steam. “Our goal is to replace regular cigarettes from the market completely ” – Weiss says.


Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy


Company: Snapchat

 Year of foundation: 2011

 Country: United States

 These two former Stanford students are the creators of such a popular smartphone app as Snapchat. With its help you can send a photo or video which will be self-destructed in a few seconds after receiving. The idea is not only to save space in the memory of smartphones, but also increase the privacy of users on the Internet. Users like this application very much: they share 100 million photos daily with its help.


Mark Shuttleworth


Company: Canonical

 Year established: 2004

 Country: United Kingdom

 Canonical leads the project to promote the open source operating system Ubuntu based on Linux. One of their main goals is to make Ubuntu laptops, tablets, smartphones and even televisions work as a single interconnected system. This means that a 39-year-old Shuttleworth was not afraid to challenge such giants as Apple, Google and Microsoft.


Jonah Peretti


Company: Buzzfeed

 Year established: 2008

 Country: United States

 Last year, Buzzfeed, which started its work as a news social network, has developed into a news agency. But renowned media companies began to accept a 39-year-old Peretti seriously only after he had enticed some of the best reporters. The main idea of Peretti is to create content and advertising that will cause a “viral effect”.


Tom Lee


Company: One Medical Group

 Year established: 2007

 Country: United States

 Tom Lee, a 45-year-old doctor, wondered how to facilitate the work of medical professionals who performed the initial examination of a patient. As a result, the idea was born that developed into the One Medical Group company. With the help of iPhone application, a patient can make an appointment with one of 90 doctors, get test results, ask for a recipe, or view his electronic medical card. And all this costs just $ 150-200 per year.


Jennifer Hyman and Jenny Fleyss


Company: Rent the Runway

 Year established: 2009

 Country: United States

 Rent the Runway has completely changed the business of fashion: clothes from the famous fashion designers are available to almost every woman now. The company produced a revolution in the world of designer clothing: why to buy a fabulously expensive dress if you can rent? Fashionistas will find 35,000 items of clothing and more than 7,000 accessories at Rent the Runway. “Our goal is to produce a revolution in the business of retail sales,” – a 32-year-old Hyman says.


Ben Milne


Company: Dwolla

 Year established: 2009

 Country: United States

 A 30-year-old Milne has revolutionized the system of micro payments. He created a system of online and mobile payments Dwolla, through which the consumer could pay for small services (eg. A neighbor boy for walking with a dog) by e-mail, SMS-messages, and even via Twitter. Customers liked the service very much: instead of 1.9% commission charged by the bank for a credit card payment, Dwolla takes only 25 cents from a customer who pays over $10 for services.

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Learn More About Yourself And Your Church

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A Brief History on Ordination

The Catholic Church is the world’s largest Christian Church and has a long and storied history spanning centuries and continents. The church continues to make news and influence billions of followers worldwide today.

The Catholic Church doctrine professes that Christ entrusted seven sacraments to the church. Through these sacraments, believers directly see God’s presence and receive His grace. The seven sacraments fall into three broader categories.

The Sacraments of Christian Initiation are baptism, confirmation and the Eucharist. The Sacraments of Healing are penance or confession and the anointing of the sick. The Sacraments of at the service of communion are ordination and matrimony.

Ordination consecrates some members of the faithful, who so choose, to serve the body of the Church. Ordained clergy within the Catholic Church preach, teach, baptize, perform wedding ceremonies and conduct funerals.

Universal Life Church as well as other Catholic Churches has set rules on who can be ordained into the priesthood and limit eligibility to celibate men within the church.

Choosing Ordination

Choosing to become ordained within your faith represents a deep commitment to the beliefs, tenets and doctrine of your faith. It also shows a desire to work with others of your religious community, helping them to deepen their understanding of their personal beliefs and grow their relationship with God.

Those who seek out ordination do so out of a deep conviction in their beliefs and the role a religious leader can play in supporting and growing a community of believers.

Often, those who choose to become ordained within their faith have already taken on leadership roles with their community. They spend time in fellowship, offer counsel to those struggling with their faith, and undertake a deep study of their own religious beliefs.

Personal Rewards

Taking part in a religious community or becoming ordained brings with it vast personal rewards. You develop a deep connection to your spirituality and with others who hold similar beliefs. These beliefs help to guide you through difficult times and also celebrate joy, life and love.

If you choose to get ordained, you also reap the personal reward of knowing you truly work in service of others. When we can reach out and help others, we feel a sense of personal satisfaction like no other.

Faith is about serving Christ and the church. Here on Earth, we serve Christ by serving those with whom we live, a human embodiment of Christ’s message of love. Becoming ordained with the Universal Life Church can help you serve your community at a deeper level.

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Cotton Wool Culture No Good For Children

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The borough of Islington has taken the pioneering step of actively discouraging parents from indulging their children in the ‘cotton wool culture’. Representatives of the local authority have come out publicly to champion the importance of youngsters taking part in adventurous play – even is this comes accompanied by a few scrapes and scratches along the way. Their new policy is based upon the argument that today’s children are missing out on developing essential life skills, all due to over-protective parenting. It is thought that trying to keep children too safe is resulting in them having lower confidence and lacking the ability to make judgments and assess risk.

Risk assessment is an essential life skill for a number of reasons. Firstly, some careers rely heavily on having the ability to judge risks and act confidently based upon one’s conclusions. Some adults even attend formal training to learn how to be better at risk assessment; therefore, to send children into the world without even the most basic form of this will undoubtedly put them at an unfair disadvantage. Also, failing to develop this skill will create some negative side effects even whilst still in childhood. Children who are kept protected from any potential danger tend to have lower confidence levels than others. This is because they feel incapable of judging for themselves whether something is safe or not, and so always need your reassurance.

Islington council is putting its beliefs into practice by creating new play areas which offer children the stimulation and challenges they need to develop these skills. Members of the council who are responsible for the growth of play areas will also undergo training on the importance of so-called ‘risk benefit play’. Islington already have a number of examples of exciting play areas which many councils would be likely to shy away from. Parents may worry about potential injuries, but the tree swings in Whittington Park and tree house in Arundel Square are exactly the sort of things which officials want to see more of.

The council is keen to stress that at no point do they intend to put children in any real danger. All play equipment will be regularly checked and maintained to ensure it is perfectly safe. Parents are encouraged to make sure their own gardens and play equipment are safe as well, but to be more relaxed about other potential issues which may arise when playing. As long as hard floors are protected with surfaces such as grass mats from SmartPlay and all structures are well-built and maintained, then there is not a great deal that can harm children. The main message which the council is trying to convey is that keeping your child away from any potential dangers ultimately does more harm than the occasional stumble or fall.

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Online Dating Tips to Help You Meet Your Soul Mate

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The world of online dating is already filled with clichéd scenarios and even more clichéd advice – this is the reason why a blunt and practical tip is more likely to be considered seriously by majority of singles around the world. Just exactly what are these practical online dating tips you can apply when browsing around free dating sites? Here are seven of them:

1. Use online dating to chat amicably with strangers you met on free dating sites. The presence of “trolls”, singles who just want to fight online, is indeed high. This means that upon browsing the free dating sites, you’re likely to meet someone whose sole purpose is just to abuse you verbally and attack you endlessly. Don’t waste your time talking to them: move on and go try other free dating sites instead. Find love, not war.

2. Online dating is about connecting with someone – it’s not a job application. In online dating, you are obliged to be committed to connecting with your online date. This means that you shouldn’t send countless messages to various singles just for the sake of winning against the odds – you’re not bidding for a job, you’re seriously looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with!

3. Being “boring” is not an option in online dating – pursue your real interests passionately and let your attractiveness shine through. No single wants to get involved with someone who has no passion in life. Before creating a profile on a multitude of free dating sites, ask yourself this question: Am I living my ideal life because I’m pursuing my real passion? If the answer is yes, then, congratulations and good for you. If it is no, then go ahead and do what makes you feel alive now – a lot of singles will be more likely to perceive you as attractive.

4. Refrain from sharing too much information during initial online dating phase. Aside from preventing sharing personal information, it is also wise to prevent yourself from sharing overwhelming information with singles such as your incredulous romantic history with a lot of past love interests. You’re still strangers upon initial meeting via online dating, after all.

5. Have an online dating plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail, essentially. Your online dating plan should roughly include your ideal soul mate attributes, several free dating sites candidates and offline dating preferences. Having a plan can help you make yourself feel more composed and secure when conversing with countless numbers of singles.

6. Let the real you appear. Don’t spout fake nonsense just to get the attention of your online dating prospect. Go ahead and say what’s really on your mind while chatting with your online date via free dating sites. This way, he won’t be shocked to discover your true colors once the relationship progresses to a deeper level of intimacy.

7. Stalking singles online is plain disrespectful and frightening – never do it. Just because you’re hiding behind the shadows of free dating sites doesn’t give you the right to stalk someone. A little bit of checking in and knowing something interesting about your date is okay – all decent singles do this. But when you browse all the free dating sites around just to look for your online dating partner’s home address, that’s where the limit should be set firmly. Respect begets respect – this is applicable in online dating as well.

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