Mega fortune mobile – What does it hold

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When an individual is interested in playing a game, especially a game of luck, he or she is certainly interested in knowing about the odds and his chances of winning big time. There is plenty of information out there that gives you the odds on winning almost every single kind of game played in this universe.

If you take some of the popular casino games, then here are some of the odds:

  • Blackjack rates the highest odds of winning
  • Craps comes next with 50-50 odds of winning
  • Roulette, depending on how you bet can give you 50-50 chances too and
  • Slot machines give you the opportunity to win more if you bet more.

So, you can easily choose the kind of game you want to play and hit the winning streak. The one game you can really enjoy is the online video jackpot such as the one hosted by Mega Fortune Mobile. This progressive game has been seeing some massive winnings in the past and delving into the history of these winnings is very encouraging indeed.

 The past winnings

If you were to look into the winnings paid out in the year 2010 onwards, they have ranged from 2168766 Euros to 17861813 Euros. In fact, the upper figure of the winnings is also a Guinness World Record. This was paid out in January, 2013. This year has seen some massive wins already. 4 people have won in January, February, May and August.

The operators of this game have taken into account the past wins and stated that the wins can be anywhere between 1 and 3 months.

 Growth in popularity

Initially, this game only had a desktop version. In order to keep pace with the growth in popularity, the makers of this game have brought about a mobile version as well. So, it is easy for you to play this game almost anytime and from anywhere.

Thanks to the win of 11,736,368 Euros in the past, this online gaming website has seen a huge surge of interest too. The Mega Fortune Jackpot became massively popular for operators and players.

 Live Casinos

You can also check out 4 live casinos when you access the website.,, and Each of them offers interesting features such as:

  • Loyalty points,
  • A choice of more than 200 games
  • The chance to play and meet some of the more popular characters in the online world,
  • Welcome bonuses and
  • Free spins without paying any deposit whatsoever.

 Playing the game

While there is no denying the fact that you must gamble with a lot of responsibility, you should also be aware that the chances of your winning are directly proportional to the bets you place. So do strike a balance between the amount you can bet and enjoy a bigger chance of winning at the progressive jackpot games. You can perhaps draw up a certain “budget” for you to play with or even bet some extra money that you have!

Thus, the charm and payouts of Mega Fortune Mobile are making it one of the most popular games in the online world.

Here’s How to Play and Earn with Online Slots

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LegendofTerraIn the past, casinos have been the go-to place for people’s entertainment. Land based casinos are always packed with people of all sorts – tourists and locals alike. Now that there is online casino, slots fans seems to have shifted from land based casinos to online casinos because of the many additional features offered, not to mention as well the convenience you can get from online slots. Though the point of playing online is to be entertained, many have found this as an opportunity – a window to make some cash, in some cases, loads of cash! Gaining profit is as entertaining as playing after all.

Online Slot Machines – the Creme de la Creme

Many people choose earning through online slots because unlike land based slots, there are no complicated strategies you need to learn before you can play. You just need to literally click and wait. Your winnings don’t need to be calculated in a complex manner as well unlike in Poker or other games. You know what you can win even before you start playing and you also know how to win it. It’s really simple and you can really earn cash if and only if, you choose your website smartly.

Using the Internet to Play Online Slots Games

We have established that the internet is the greatest source of information and means of communication for people all over the world. However, it is a tool for scamming as well. So be very sure that before you register at an online slots website, it should be legit like  You can check testimonials of winners or website reviews to validate these facts. This way, you can guarantee that you have a chance of winning. Legit websites have gaming commissions that audit them to make sure that they remain fair to the players. They check out people who win and if they are rewarded appropriately, also, they make sure that no one controls your odds over the slots, that all games are totally random.

In addition to this, you can earn more from the bonuses you can get from these websites. In fact, some website can give you a bonus upon registering, this is called the sign up bonus. They double or even triple your deposit right away. Some have jackpot bonuses where in when you win, your jackpot is doubled or tripled as well. You can earn more if you stick to games with bonuses rather than the regular slot games. You really have to do a lot of research before beginning to play. Knowing more about slots will give you a lot of advantage!

Scratchers: the Newest Version of Bingo

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LepLuckThere is no limit to the quality, variety and scope of online scratch games. Just when you think you’ve seen the end of the variations on scratchers, something completely new comes along. One of the newest variants is scratch card bingo, a fast and easy way to play bingo, and a variant that is growing like wildfire on internet gaming sites.  Bingo scratchers will remind you a lot of the fun and excitement you experience at a bingo hall with the big difference that you know instantly if you have won. You see amazing graphics that show the bingo balls bouncing around the cage before they fall out. When you buy a bingo scratch card you don’t get a full card, instead you get a card with one line on it and a fixed number under the opaque covering.

Bingo Scratch: What’s it like?

Open a bingo scratch card game and you will see a grid that indicates the 75 possible numbers that might appear next to a bingo cage. Follow down the grid to several scratch areas. The average bingo scratch card contains three such scratch areas. Your goal is to match the numbers under the scratchers with any five of the 15 numbers shown being tossed from the bingo cage. If you happen to match all five numbers on your card to five from the cage, you win the prize indicated on the card.

Playing Scratch Bingo

You have a choice of playing scratch bingo three ways, although the result is the same. You can scratch the card and give the wheel a spin to see what numbers appear, or give the wheel a spin to see what numbers appear and then scratch the card for the results—or just let the computer play for you. You’ll have more fun doing it the first two ways, because of the suspense. You’ll be in control. And you’ll find the controls on the scratch games to be easy to master. Just press play and make your choice: spin or scratch. Or hit scratch all or auto play to let the computer take over—for up to ten plays.

Playing Online Bingo

Please note that scratch bingo is a much different animal from online bingo, a pastime that is spreading like wildfire mainly because of the chat room, which makes it a very social game with lots of interpersonal interaction. When you play and win with bingo scratch cards you are playing alone—not against other players. The card is smaller than a bingo card and the results are nearly instantaneous, unlike a session at an internet bingo hall.

News for Linux online slots players – Solutions that Work!

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There are very few casino software creators who cater to the needs of Linux users. The reason is quite simple and obvious. There are just more, a lot more, Windows and Mac users out there. Creating slot machines software for Linux users isn’t just practical. It would be a waste of money, time and energy. However, if you are a Linux user, don’t lose hope just yet. There are still means for you to be able to play your favourite game online.

Tip 1: Online Flash Casinos

The main problem with Linux users is that they cannot download slot machines games or other casino games for that matter. Flash casinos are the solution to this problem. In fact, even Mac users can use this solution if they encounter the same compatibility problems. With flash casinos, there are no downloads required. Besides, so far, there are really no companies who have developed any software for Linux.

Tip 2: Choose Your Browser Wisely

Just like in your regular Windows and Mac browsing, you will really need to choose a great browser to be able to get the most out of the game you are playing. Mozilla Firefox is the best for Linux. Once you have installed Mozilla Firefox, start searching for the best web based flash casino. You will not only enjoy slot machines, you will also enjoy video poker, blackjack, scratch cards, roulette and many more casino games just like how you would on a downloaded game. Technology is awesome, huh?

You can register easily as well. Simply supply your email address, name and other required information before you can play and bet. In addition to this, you get to experience bonuses as well. If you have a Windows computer and have an account with the downloaded version of the game, you can use the same login for the web based flash version.

Tip 3: Claim Your Bonuses and Check Transactions Always

You may not think it’s important but you can actually gain a lot from claiming your online slot machine bonuses. Web based flash casinos will always have bonuses and promotions on their homepage. Before playing slot machines, make sure you check those bonuses out. Who knows, you might win a free game, free points or even free cash directly deposited to your account. Which brings me to the other tip, check your transactions always because even if you are playing on a Linux OS, you can still get hacked just like what happens to Windows and Mac computers.

As you can see, there are ways on how you can join the great online casino experience with Linux. Enjoy and happy gambling!

Fun Web Based Slots – No Downloads Required!

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Anyone who has used the internet knows that there are a lot web based games – thousands or even millions! Users love web based games because of one simple reason – there is no need to download. Now that would save a lot of time, and not to mention, a lot of memory on your computer. In addition to this, you don’t need to wait too long just so you can play a game. Now, most online casino players are used to playing downloadable slots and they might have a few queries about web browser based slots. Here is information that will help you out.

What are No Download Slots?

Online slots players play slots through the World Wide Web by 2 means. Their first option is they can download software, run the installer, wait for the application to install and then play. Now, if you have a slow internet connection or a slow computer, this process could take minutes or sometimes even hours. This brings us to our second means of playing online slots – no download slots. No download slots don’t need to go through the process of your first option. You simply need to open your web browser, search for the website and play right there. If you are done playing, you can simply close the browser. If you want to play again, just open the browser and go to the website again – easy as 1,2,3, right?!

What is Java and Flash?

The flash version of online slots makes the no download slots as awesome as the downloadable slots. The quality of the game is the same and the graphics are as great as downloadable slots games. In fact, you might not notice you are playing a web based game. This is why if you search for games, you have to make sure that your flash or java extensions are updated on your web browser. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get a satisfying online slots experience.

No Download Casino Software

Basically, the rules are the same. You also need to deposit if you want to win. Some instant games would be free as well. You will be able to access the game 24/7 and some websites may even be accessed through your tablet, android, iPhone or mobile. Give No download casino slots a try and you will surely enjoy this experience. Bookmark the websites you love so that you can easily go back to them! Most of all, keep your bankroll rolling!

Live Roulette: How To Put The Odds In Your Favor

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The conventional wisdom when it comes to live roulette says that your odds of winning are always going to be the same no matter what kind of preparation methods you use before you step up to the table. Many people want to know which numbers to choose when they play roulette because they want to take all of the luck out of the final equation. While there are a few things that you can do to make sure that the dice are loaded in your corner, it is also important to make sure that you understand there will always been an element of luck involved with live roulette. Whether you are playing online or offline does not really matter because the basic concepts behind the game are going to be the same in both cases. Let’s take a look at some of the basic ideas involved with getting an edge in roulette.

Look at the Roulette Table’s History 

One of the first things you can do to give yourself a better chance of winning is to take a look at the recent results of a roulette game. For example, if the spin has landed on red three times in a row, then it may not be a bad idea to place a bet on black. While the odds of landing on either color are theoretically the same with each spin, you have to try and play the law of averages to your advantage. Some people think it is impossible to accurately predict the next spin on a roulette table, but the fact of the matter is that most people realize there is a potential to make money once this fact is pointed out to them.

Face the Reality of Live Roulette 

While it would be nice if there was some magical way to predict the results of a spin before it happened, the fact of the matter is that you are going to need a lot of luck to win at this game. One of the simplest ways to profit from roulette is to double down with each bet, but it should be noted that this also requires a large bankroll. The way this system works is to place a bet and then double down on your bet if you lose. You will continue to double your bet with each loss until you finally win. For example, if you start with a $50 bet on red and lose, you will then need to place a $100 bet on the next spin. If you win on the next spin, then you are $50 richer. The important thing to remember with this system is that you need to know when to stop. Once you have made your profit, you need to leave the casino and not look back. Some people bring another person with them when they use this system to make sure that they stop while they are ahead. When you use this method, you are basically betting that the roulette spin will not land on red or black more than a few times in a row.

Chris Tan writes more roulette tips and strategies on He has also published numerous articles on sports betting and casino games on and

Football Fun On Paper

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Few pastimes are as thoroughly American as paper football games. They were invented in America, they’re modeled after a thoroughly American sport, and like most great American inventions, they were sparked by boredom – specifically, schoolroom distraction.

The basics of paper football games are pretty simple. Take a table. Mark it like a football field, with side and yard lines. Or don’t. All you really need is the next item: a piece of notebook paper, folded repeatedly until it takes the shape of a right triangle about the size of a thumb. This is your football.

Now you “kick,” “pass” and “run” the ball down the table in plays mirroring a real football game. You do this by flicking the ball with your middle finger and thumb. To score a touchdown in paper football games, you must land the ball so that it dangles off your opponent’s end of the table. To score a field goal, you must kick the ball through the raised fingers of your opponent.

Paper Football Games Any Way You Want

But you can do whatever you like with that setup. Many a pair of students has whiled away an hour of detention by playing a simple game of field goals, flicking the ball between each other’s fingers until one of them wins. Those with a more competitive streak can add features from real-life football to paper football games, such as extra points, fouls and touchbacks.

Ties are a good example of a situation in paper football games that is usually settled one way but can be settled any way you like. Overtime is the typical means of breaking ties, followed by sudden death, with a game of “rock, paper, scissors” the usual overtime method. But anything works – a flip of a coin, a round of field goals, anything.

Paper football games are a distraction for most people, something they picked up as children while trying not to sleep through boring lectures. Other players take it more seriously. Some play nationally, competing for major prizes. There’s even a minor industry that targets these players, selling high-quality tables and paper football accessories.

Of course, the great thing about paper football games is that you don’t have to be anywhere near that good – or any good at all – to enjoy them. You’ll need better skills to win big, but anyone can have fun playing.

Paper Football Games and History

Paper football games were born in an anonymous classroom somewhere in the United States in the 1950s, an example of troublemaking turned creative. It’s also known as tabletop football, finger football, Biren football and flick football, and in some circles, Chinese football. There were early variations on the theme: Students in New England used quarters, students in the Midwest played with matchbooks, and a game using pennies is still played today.

A handful of amateur leagues hold competitions, one or two of them national. Major sponsors have taken part in the past. Most of the leagues haven’t been around very long. But paper football games are only increasing in popularity, so these groups should only gain followers.

Carter is a very experienced writer who covers many sports related topics including flick football.

7 Advantages Of Online Casinos

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The online gambling industry is one of the most popular and profitable industries on the internet. People around the World enjoy wagering on sports, playing bingo, poker, and even the lottery online at the many gambling sites available on the internet. Many people prefer to avoid land-based casino and instead just visit online casinos and online poker rooms. Here are a few advantages to visiting online casinos.

More Convenient 

The first advantage to using online casinos is the convenience of it. For most people, it is extremely convenient to sit at home and play those casino games in the comfort of their own home. They can just listen to music and enjoy. People also have the ability to put the dealer on hold each time that they desire a break in the action.

A Chance at Bonuses 

It is unlikely that traditional casinos give away money for people to use. However, when people play online, there are always some kind of bonuses for both new and regular players. Different sites have different rules regarding bonuses, but most people can double or triple the money that they are gambling with. This makes it easier for people to play longer and for bigger amounts.

It is Safer 

The safety aspect is important. Gambling online is considered safer than going to a land based casino because people do not have to carry around a lot of money in their pockets. Another key safety fact is that casinos online do not want to lose customers by cheating the players so they will offer quality games.

Easy for Beginners

Many new gamblers are intimidated by land casinos. By going online, they may find the atmosphere to be more friendly and laid back. Players can also learn the ins and outs through tutorials that may not be available at land casinos.

More Time for Practice 

As noted previously, playing online gives people the opportunity to hone their skills through practice games. These games are not for wagering, so people do not win or lose anything. People can use practice games to work on new strategies as well as playing without worrying about money. Some people use these games to help themselves stick to a budget.

Better Odds 

Another advantage comes from the odds being better online. There are fewer employees and overhead to pay. Land casinos may not have the same odds for every game. Veteran players can capitalize on the odds and earn more money.

More Diversity

Many casinos that are online offer many types of casino table games, poker machines, and slots. Some sites allow people to gamble at casinos and on spots using the same account.

Chris Tan is an author and has written numerous gaming guides on online poker, casino games and soccer betting. Read more of his works on the Bet Asia casino site.

Top 5 Pub Crawls In The World

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One of the best ways to learn about a new culture while traveling is to experience the nightlife. There’s no better way to mingle with the locals and bond with other travelers than to enjoy a few cocktails or pints. Alcohol has a way of brining people together unlike any other experience.

Being an out of towner, you may not always have the inside track to the best pubs and clubs in the area. That’s where a pub crawl can be quite valuable. Before traveling, research the area you will be staying to see if they offer any guided pub crawls.

If your dream is to drink yourself around the globe, the following list will come in handy. Put together here is a list of the top five pub crawls in the world that would make a great addition to any travel bucket list:

1) The Monopoly Pub Crawl, London, UK. Based on the popular classic board game, the goal of the Monopoly Pub Crawl is to land on all 26 locations on the London Monopoly board. Those patrons who are able to hit all 26 spots, and have an alcoholic drink at each one, receive a spot on the Wall of Fame. After 26 bars, the main objective, just like in the game, is to not end up in jail.

2) World’s Greatest Pub Fest, Queensland, Australia. The World’s Greatest Pub Fest hosts a huge event in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for largest bar crawl. The event draws in over 10,000 participants who must all get their card stamped at 10 bars. The event provides a bus along the route making it a safe crawl to attempt.

3) The Freedom Trail Pub Crawl, Boston, USA. Follow the Freedom Trail and visit some of the oldest watering holes in the land of the free. A costumed guide leads the tour through four famous bars in Boston while teaching participants of the Sons of Liberty.

4)The Zombie Crawl, Minneapolis, USA. The Zombie Crawl in Minneapolis is the largest pub crawl in the world for the undead. Approximately 6,000 people showed up last year in their morbid zombie costumes to patron the city’s Northeast district. The numbers continue to grow each year.

5) Buenos Aires Pub Crawl, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Buenos Aires Pub Crawl is unique in that it it not one big bash, once a year. Rather, this party goes seven days a week, 365 days a year, making it the longest running pub crawl. Paid guides take visitors to all the best local hot spots to give them a true cultural immersion.

No doubt this article missed 100s of killer pub crawls happening all around the globe at any point in time. The experience and memories you will make taking a pub crawl are well worth doing some research before you travel. Even if you aren’t planning on making a trip anywhere, a pub crawl in your local area could provide the type of escape any vacation would.

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Milton Sutton is a freelance writter and enjoys the occasional pub crawl. For your next pub crawl make sure you start and end with Factory Girl Restaurant.

Fruit Machines Myths: What You Ought To Know

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Fruit machines are a sub-category of slot machines and are named because of the fruit symbols that appear on the reels.  There are many rumors and myths about fruit machines and most are simply untrue.  Some players even refuse to play these machines because of these myths.  Here are some of the most common fruit machine myths.

Fruit Machines Have a Very High Casino Edge

Many slots players know that the lowest paying land-based slots games are generally located in airports, restaurants and bars.  Many of these locations offered fruit machines and that is where this myth started.  Even online slots players believe fruit machines have a high edge compared to other games.  This is one of the reasons why players avoid fruit machines – they are afraid they will lose too much money.  However, fruit machines do not actually have a higher house edge than other games – the house edge is simply based on the location of the game.  Online casinos offer the best edge for players because they have to compete with other online casinos and their operation costs are lower than land-based casinos.

You Need Skill to Win on Fruit Machines

Fruit machines do have several skill features that are not available in other slots games.  Players can hold or nudge the reels in order to have more control over the game which could influence the outcome.  However, does this mean that players need to be skilled in order to win long-term payouts on fruit machines?  The answer to this question is no because any advantage that players might get from holding the reels is taken into account by the payout percentage.  As with any other slot game, online and land-based fruit machines offer the house an edge.  The average player will not be able to overcome this edge even if they are holding or nudging the reel to influence the outcome of the fruit machine game.

Online Fruit Machines Do Not Have Large Jackpots

Generally, the highest payout of a fruit machine is between 10,000 and 5,000 coins.  The biggest jackpot prizes are generally found on games with 5 reels or more and not on 3 reel slot games.  While there are progressive jackpot slots that have multi-million dollars prizes which are worth more than fruit machine payouts, fruit machines do offer some great prizes.  The size of the highest jackpot will depend on the machine but players can still win large amounts of money while playing free casino games.

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