How to choose a paint color

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Color is a vital aspect in interior designing and home improvement. This infographic will help you to choose the right color for each part  of your home, designed by Buyartprintsonline

Caring for your Framed Fine Art Print

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Art prints have become a significant interior decorating aspect and some gather there life remarkable moments to cherish. Caring for a Fine art print is not an easy task but a vital task, this infographic describes how u can care a fine art print designed by Buyartprintsonline.

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Sri Lanka is denoted as one of the most significant world heritage sites and it is a paradise for the tourist who loves to explore historic sites. This infographic emphasises few of the heritage sites in Sri Lanka designed by Srilankan Airlines.


Inspiration & Tips for Effective Flyer Design

Flyers make a fantastic way to help businesses and individuals advertise their products, service, and events. Businesses in all sorts of industries and of all different sizes put flyers to use to market their business on a daily basis, and most of them with some fantastic results.

But, there are many companies who fail miserably when it comes to their print marketing efforts; and this isn’t because print marketing is less popular, it’s because their designs are not up-to-scratch! With so many companies already using flyers, you need to make sure your work really stands out in order to get any real results.

The best way to learn is by experience, in order to understand what it takes to make an effective flyer, you need to see plenty of examples of effective flyers, and with that being said, I have sourced a number of astounding examples of effective flyer designs from around the web and listed them for your inspiration below. While you browse through these examples take notes about each design and what it is that grabs your attention, what keeps you engaged, and what makes you want to find out more about what’s on offer? If you can identify these points and successfully incorporate them in to your own designs then you too should have an effective flyer design ready for marketing.

Hopefully the examples in this post have helped to get you inspired and given you a few ideas of what it takes to create an effective flyer design. If you want to get more tips and learn to design a flyer  from an experienced source, then follow the link to visit the NextDayFlyers Flyer Design resource page. You can find some extra tips there and then move on to order your flyers from their website when you are ready. NextDayFlyers have a fantastic range of options available to you when you pick them to print your flyers, and they can deliver them to your door the very next day – so they make the perfect companion when it comes to a printing company.

Author Bio: Angela Lee is a creative marketing executive with great experience in helping digital businesses to market their products. She posts tips and advice around the web whenever she gets the opportunity. In her free time she enjoys extreme sports – she’s a real adrenaline junkie!

Make your Career in the booming industry of Gems & Jewellery

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Until few a decade back, jewellery designing was one of the professions only limited to the goldsmiths. But with the evolution of scope of career in various industries, jewellery designing is another interesting option. With the prominence of a trendier lifestyle these days, people consider jewellery not an asset of financial security but more of a fashion statement or status symbol. So offering them what they want is definitely becoming a high paying service motivating youngsters to pursue a career in this creative field.

A jewellery designer is a person who designs jewellery making efficient of drawings and renderings, even model or wax originals. They are either employed by companies who make jewelleries or can even start as entrepreneurs but designing their own creations. But more than how to make jewellery, it is important to know how it is made.

Let us go through the list of career options that will be open in this field. 

Customized Jeweler – The person who design jewellery as par the niche demands made by his customer. They can be either working in a shop, with a company or self-employed, but the key to success depends on how creative you are.

Jewellery manufacturer – This is when you choose to work on your own line of production.

Artist Jewelers – If you are the risk takers and think of yourself as innovators and creative; you can become artists in jewellery designing.

Accessory Designers – Jewellery in today’s modern world not only constitutes of gold, silver and diamonds but could also be made of other metals and elements which are less expensive and very much in demand. This career is also good for those who have flair in PR, marketing communication and also carry a good business sense.  So if you have that all you can start a career as an accessory designer.

Production Bench Workers – These are the goldsmiths who have an experience of working with the production lines, and know the techniques of jewellery making. Although, not a high status job but well for someone who wishes to start at an entry level.

Stone setter – This job will pay you well as it is a well-respected job.

Gemologist/ Astrologer – This mostly includes the study of stones with a deep understanding and insight on the various types of precious stones.

Model Maker – This is the highest position in the job as a goldsmith. Specializing in making original metal models, this is career option also is in good demand.

Mold Maker – Hired by a factory or self-employed, this career also demands effective marketing skills.

CAD Designer – With the advancements in technology, it is always a bright career option to combine technology with your set of skills. Casting of jewellery through the computer driven machines a technique used by many goldsmiths during the production process.

Other than these options there are various others which include being a jewellery shop manager, trainers and teachers, and many more. You can easily undergo Jewellery & Accessory Design Courses and have the expertise to apply for any role you want. It is such an industry which gives you a platform to practice your skills and keep enhancing it.

Getting Trained on the Skills

All you need is a passion for the profession and an interest in the fashion industry. If you think you are a creative and innovative person, with a true sense of the trend and style, you can certainly go ahead and choose this profession. Additionally, if you have a little bit of past experience, that’s an add-on. Actually, you don’t need to have any specific traits for becoming a jewellery designer. Anyone who has a tilt towards this field can start with the training and become a professional in no time.

The Global Attention & Courses 

Lately the jewellery designing career has been grabbing international attention. Students from around the world are opting for this course and making a bright career out of it.  There are number of institutes and schools that offer Jewellery & Accessory Design Courses, Fine Arts courses with Jewellery Designing as a specialization, courses in Jewellery manufacturing from where you can select and secure a career in this fast growing industry.

The industry is anticipated to be booming in the coming years. However, this also remains a fact that it lacks manpower. Such courses will not only acquaint students on all the knowledge about the jewellery designing bit also develop other skills of management and marketing which opens even more career options in this industry. The duration of these courses are also not very long. So this assures that in a very short period of time you can achieve your dream of becoming a jewellery designer.

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Kunal Chhibber is a professional content writer with expert skills in digital marketing. He has also written many informative write-ups doing exclusive research on Education Sector like various interior Designing courses, medical courses, engineering courses and many more. He is a graduate in management; music is a passionate hobby to which he is committed to as a part time Disc Jockey.


The Declining Value Of Arts In Higher Education Across United Kingdom

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It is a fact that the arts and crafts are declining in value as the potential tool to help children and even adults to learn something new and be more creative and professional in schools and universities. Although art has never been given any importance in UK as far preparing curriculums and course materials for study is concerned yet it has almost totally been ignored in recent years. According to a recent research conducted by the British Academy, the arts and humanities tend to be marginalized as entertaining and enjoyable but not something very useful where as they should be taken seriously alongside science and technology.

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Essay Writing Services Vs the Issue of Plagiarism and Scams

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When a consumer tags along the availability of a service, it sometimes comes as a consequence that they get caught in compromising issues. Such is the nature of the service industry, and seldom is it feasible to completely get rid of them.

So, what do students do when their use of essay writing services render them as a subject of academic misconduct issues? Do they swivel away from its providers, or take it with a dark cloud of doubt hovering over them?

Certainly, there’s only one way to find out: tackle the issue to get the real scoop.

The Issues images

The two specific issues involved here are to some degree, intertwined. First stop is the scam artists behind various websites. Because such support services have been recognised as valuable and is, therefore, perceived profitable, such scam artists proceed to put up a site, hire writers, proffer services and operate much like the legitimate essay writing services.

However, because the eyes of such scammers are primarily on the accumulated fees and less on their service or the welfare of its student-clientele, scammers fall behind the legitimate providers. Moreover, these scammers lewdly devise this specific bait for unsuspecting students: cheap services, say for as low as £9.95 per page.

To complete the scammer’s business model, they hire unqualified academic writers, as well as, non-UK service representatives. This part of the tale inevitably touches on the twin issue, the academic misconduct called plagiarism.

It’s not that difficult to trace how such scammers produce plagiarised pieces of work. As mentioned, writers that works for them are basically unqualified, which means they have never studied under any UK institution nor set their hands in meeting standardised UK pieces. Despite this, such writers are able to produce pieces – written works that are either second-rate or plagiarised – which is below the standards of legitimate essay writing services.

Of course, the sting is on the latter, as this makes students suffer being caught in plagiarism software such as Turnitin, and the like.

The Truth

Students who fall prey by such scammers automatically blame all providers. In this judgement, the legitimate providers are not necessarily taking the toll, but the students. There is precious opportunity lost every time students choose to turn their back against the legitimate ones. For one, they may never consider related providers, like a dissertation writing service. Or, they might rarely experience freedom from courseworks.

Turn Your Crafting Hobby Into Extra Cash

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Some ideas and suggestions on how to turn a hobby into a little extra income

Lots of people are looking for ways to earn a little extra cash in their spare time and if you have a hobby or a skill, you can use this to your advantage by marketing your skills.

Put your talents to good use

If you have an arty hobby or skill, you may find that others are willing to pay good money for your products. Whether you knit or crochet, paint or draw, make cards or write stories, there is a market for you. If you haven’t got a particular hobby as yet, why not try a few things out and see where your talents lie? There are lots of websites that can give you tips, or try a crafting shop or website where you can buy supplies such as templates and transfers as well as getting ideas for your new hobby. You may have skills that aren’t immediately obvious. If you have an eye for colour, try some modern art style prints, or put your decorative skills to good use making photo collages for other people. There is sure to be something you have a special aptitude for.

Get your products out there

Once you have a product to sell, you need to make your potential customers aware. A website is an obvious choice and you can create your own site easily without having any great skill. Another option is to use an existing site. Auction sites are well known and therefore already have plenty of customers, but they don’t target a specific audience. If you’d rather not use the internet, a physical shop is a good option, but you’ll need a lot of products to stock one fully from scratch. Opening your own shop is a big leap, but you could stock it with handmade products from a range of local artists and help lots of people get their items seen. If you don’t want to go for an entire shop, many small local shops or galleries will display handmade products; simply go in and ask.

There are lots of ways to turn a hobby into a bit of extra cash. It is just a matter of having a bit of creative skill and imagination (and perhaps a little business sense as well). It is the perfect way to put your spare time to good use in a fun, enjoyable and useful way. Who knows where it might take you.

Molly Turner enjoys crafting in her spare time and buys her materials from

Tips for Delivering a Professional Presentation

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An article providing useful tips for delivering a professional presentation to colleagues, prospective employers, clients or classmates.

Giving a formal presentation can be stressful regardless of how many times you may have done it in the past, but understanding how to present in a professional way can really reduce your anxiety levels and also stand to improve the overall quality and audience experience.

Quite often, people focus on writing a good presentation with valuable information and up to date figures but neglect to work on their actual delivery. This can lead to a well-researched presentation coming across as sketchy and unprofessional or can cause you to lose the attention of your audience. These simple tips will assist you in honing the professional delivery of your presentation and ensure you are better placed to deliver a great presentation.

Get Feedback

Run through your presentation with a few trusted people who will offer you constructive feedback on the content, running time and clarity of your material. Practising in front of a live audience gives you the chance to gauge their facial expressions and body language, practise eye contact and establish the pace and tone of each segment and overall presentation. Do this as far in advance as possible to allow time for any changes that you need to make.

The Environment

We’ve all attended presentations in poorly lit, stuffy, cramped rooms, unable to hear the speaker and unable to see the visuals. You may not be able to control all of these variables, but they will make a bad impression on your audience. When possible, arrive early and familiarise yourself with the room and the set-up. Consider whether you need to adjust the air-conditioning, how loudly you will need to speak, whether you need to adjust the seating and where you should position yourself in order to engage with the audience.


Whilst you are checking the room set-up you should also check that any equipment provided is in good working order and that you understand how to operate it ahead of time. Leaving your audience hanging whilst you work out how to use the projector does not look very professional. Additionally, it is worth trying to consider what type of equipment is most suited to your presentation and the audience. It is a fact that people tend to engage well with visual props, graphics and bright colours, so make use of projectors and consider displaying literature the audience can take away or use banner stands, such as those provided by the leading online specialists, to convey the main points of your presentation.

Olivia Appleby writes regularly on a variety of topics encompassing career development and marketing for a range of specialist websites and blogs including

The Sights That Make London Picture Perfect

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An article offering general information about the huge variety of film and photographic locations London has to offer.

Just because you find yourself working in London doesn’t mean you want all the pictures you take or film you shoot to look that way. One of the truly great things about the capital is that, thanks to an eclectic mix of the old and the new, not to mention the influence of generations of immigrants, there are parts of London that look as though they belong in other parts of the world.

From the shiny space-age skyscrapers of Canary Wharf and ultra-modern riverside loft conversions of Limehouse to the workers’ cottages of the Bow Quarter to the Georgian splendour of Little Green Street in Highgate, you can find a look to suit every conceivable need. Producers continue to discover that, whatever they are looking for in shoot locations, London is almost always able to deliver.


With the right lighting, set design and editing, locations around London can easily step in for other cities. In the 2007 thriller ‘Eastern Promises’, a scene in a restaurant in Moscow was actually filmed at a building in Farringdon. Similarly, the Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies has several scenes which take place in Hamburg, Germany, all of which were shot in the area around the Brent Cross shopping centre, while the scenes in the inside of Berlin Airport in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade were shot at the Royal Horticultural Hall.

London’s locations don’t just extend around the world, they also stretch through time. During the filming of the gangster epic, The Krays, parts of Greenwich untouched since the Second World War were used to create the East End of the 1960s, much of which has since been rebuilt. London has also travelled forward in time. The 2006 film Children of Men depicted the capital in the year 2027 using a range of locations including Tate Britain, the Mall, Admiralty Arch and Battersea Power Station.


On a typical day there are around 35 film crews working in London and the number of appearances on the silver screen – both as London and in disguise as elsewhere – continue to mount up.

In 2010, the British Film Institute issued a new edition of the iconic tube map with all the station names changed to show films that were created either at the station or nearby. Borough became Bridget Jones’s Diary, Mill Hill East became Hot Fuzz, Euston Square was renamed Inception and Embankment became V for Vendetta.

Steve Chapman is a freelance writer who contributes regularly to a wide variety of blogs, here on behalf of

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